I'm not fond of this fragrance.

I'm not fond of this fragrance.

I'm not fond of this fragrance.

When it comes to skincare product scents, personal preferences play a huge role in consumer decisions. But what if you, as the retailer, aren't particularly fond of a scent? We've put together this informative blog to help you navigate this situation and effectively market these products.

Even though you may not personally enjoy a scent, others will.  We test our fragrances among a variety of people to ensure that they will be enjoyed by many.  We often find that what one person likes, another may not.  For instance, we often hear that about Lavender.  The feelings about this scent are either love or hate!  And honestly, we as a team often have a scent that we aren’t particularly fond of but it sells like crazy!  

Keep your personal preference discreet.

When presenting the product in your store, avoid revealing your personal distaste for the scent. Instead, focus on highlighting its unique features and benefits. Buyers are very influenced by your preferences when you reveal them.   Buyers want to be agreeable, and if you tell them that you don’t like a scent their first reaction is to agree with you! The opposite is also true.  We have tested this at events and it almost always holds true.  When we tell people what our favorite scent is, that’s the one we buy. 

Some scents you may not favor could be top sellers.

In the past, we've encountered scents that weren't our personal favorites, yet they flew off the shelves and received outstanding reviews. Sometimes, it's worth giving a product a chance and observing its success. We recommend giving a scent at least a month before deciding whether to carry that scent.  We also suggest that you place products in your restroom for people to try.  This is how Rosemary Mint always sells out at our events.  Most people don’t gravitate to that one - until they try it!  We sometimes hear from customers that a scent is MUCH better in the shower than on the shelf!  Try it in the shower and you may change your mind.

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